growing  through connection

(groeien in verbinding) started as a center for tantra and intimacy.
These topics still are important, but more than ever embedded in spirituality and awareness - free from any dogma.
My focus is on workshops. In the Netherlands in small to medium-sized groups. In Spain in private sessions - alone or with your partner.

Tantra liberates you from anything, that
prevents you to be the (unique) person you really are

In everything I, Michael Polling, do invite you to...
• test your own boundaries, while gaining new experiencess
• examine your habits and beliefs, and to see to what extent they are really yours
• find your own truth
• live more and more in freedom
• grow, connected with yourself, with your partner, and finally with everything and everyone around you

On another level, my work focuses on the healing of women with life energy-limiting problems in the pelvic area. That I'll do in intensive sessions of one or two weeks at my center in the northwest of Spain, just above Portugal. You'll find more about this initiative here: Sacred  Sexual  Healing

Tantra and you

In my workshops, private or in a group, I invite you to leave behind the feeling of 'must do', and to be happy with what the NOW has to offer. Everything of you is OK. Not only your strength, your dedication and your smile, but also your tears, your shyness, your resistance, and yes, even your reluctance.
Your life energy, an energy that is also the source of your creativity and your sexuality, is the fundament of tantra. Through massage, meditation, various exercises and tantric rituals, we will get this energy to flow. It is about surrender, being relaxed and feeling what is, about touching and letting yourself to be touched, about showing yourself proudly: to yourself and to others.
In my workshops, I will try to let you experience the deepness of your physical intimacy, and help transform it into tantric spirituality.

What can you expect from me?
I have no therapeutic background. Therefore, I aim at people who have already encountered and solved their main blocks.
I invite you to gain new experience in my workshops. And to examine the obstacles you encounter with in the meantime. While you will be challenged to explore your limits, they always will be respected.
Whether it is a tantra workshop (short or long, for beginners or advanced, alone or with others), my goal is to get you to experience your own possibilities and limitations.

Male and female energy
According to some sources, tantra began as an spiritual path about 7000 years ago in India, from where it spread throughout much of Asia. Important features of tantra can also be found in ancient Egypt, ans in Western, Oriental and (Latin)American shamanic schools.
Tantra teaches us to put aside our ego, to be able to transform our male and female energies into vital energy (also called prana, chi or ki).
Tantra is based on living in the now, on detachment, meditation, being with what is ... and everything without prejudices and judgments.
Tantra involves the whole body and does not deny the desires of the body, nor condemns lust. Tantra invites you to observe the desires and lust - without becoming them.
Tantra is subtle, pure, without expectations, nor purpose... Being together for hours without having to do anuything... Just feeling and experiencing what is - not what could be.
Connecting with others from your deepest self, to let the energies unite and feel the oneness. Surrendering, without giving attention to yourself... loving and accepting what is.
To me all that is tantra.

tantra has nothing to do with dogmas, beliefs, rules, authority
tantra teaches you to experience everything yourself
tantra is a way of being,
of seeing, feeling
a way of life
tantra frees you

Tantra's pursue is the merging of the masculine (Shiva) with the feminine (Shakti). Only then you'll be complete and in balance.
Sex without connection is like a relationship without love.
Tantra can change that.
Of great importance in Tantra is the connection between partners.
Exercises and meditations awake your vital life energy, in order that energy can flow throughout the body.
The ultimate goal of tantra is that the energy flows through both bodies, in a way the ego is no longer important, and you together manage to achieve a form of spiritual energetic fusion. Therefore tantra and spirituality are inseparable.

The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit and means something like weaving. Tantra sees the universe as a fabric, where everything is mixed with the rest. And where anything affects everything. (That's nothing new for those who saw the movies 'What the # $ * Do We (K) now!?' and 'What the Bleep:? Down the Rabbit Hole'. (Tantric teachings are only much older.)
You can also add to the root 'tan' (stretch, extend) the suffix 'tra' (indicating a means or a tool). Then you see that Tantra literally means extending the field of ordinary consciousness, in order to reach superconsciousness, the root of being, and a well of unknown powers that tantra can generate and use.

There are many books on tantra, but ultimately the best way to know what tantra is, is experiencing and living it. Tantra sees life as a meditation, in which you are aware of everything around you and in which your senses -sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch- give you all the information you need.

Tantra also means: a (fabric) structure, continuity, succession, ongoing process, theory, and (acts or a company having to do with) mystical or magical teachings.

The Cashmir and the Tibetan Kum-nye massage

In my center you can choose between two very different tantramassages: the Cashmir (based on the Saivistic Cashmiri tradition) and the one coming from the Tibetan Buddhist 'Kum-nye' school. In both surrender is crucial. The Cashmir massage is very soft, the Kum-nye-massage can be (depending from what your energy tells me) quite hard. The first one last one hour, the second one, everything included, twice as long.

What is a tantric massage according to the Tibetan Buddhist Kum-nye school?
A tantric massage according to the Tibetan Buddhist 'Kum-nye' school is about generating and uniting your feminine and masculine energy. The merging of these energies transforms to life-energy, which is also called prana, qi or chi.
Contrary to what most people think, a genuine tantric massage has nothing to do with sex. In my tantra massage, my only goal is to fill your entire body with flowing life energy.

What happens during a tantric massage?
After an introduction, in which you tell me about your expectations and I (Michael) about what the massage is about, I will start the session, of which the massage is the main part. A session usually begins with a short guided meditation and some tantric yoga-poses, to prepare your body for the massage.
The actual massage begins with a solid massage of your back, to connect the masculine and the feminine energies. From there on I will defy your body to find your balance, and activate your energetic system and alertness. During the whole massage I will raise and defy your energy, letting it flow through your whole body.
My massage is anything but a relax-massage. It's one in which you are encouraged to stay alert, so the prana can flow optimally.

What can a massage do for you?
• Blockkages

Prana has the quality to flow through all structures. Mental, emotional and physical blockages will be penetrated, transformed and removed. This can be experienced consciously, but is mostly experienced unconsciously. As a masseur, I feel where the prana is desired and direct it there.

• Touch
Every living soul has the need to be touched. A baby dies if it is not touched. There will be a great feeling of intimacy during the massage. And if you are capable of true surrender, you will be deeply touched in your core.

• Surrender
In our Western society, we usually remain in our heads, controlling everything. However, if we secure everything in patterns and structures, we stop actually with living. If we want to fully experience life -in happiness, love and balance-, we have to learn to surrender.
In my massage I invite you to surrender more and more to what is happening in the moment.

The massage is all about feeling. It is an exercise in getting out of your mind and into your body. That means, the massage is without words and without looking. With your full attention on what your body is sensing.

• Sensational enrichment
It is nice -but often also scary- to surrender yourself to the intense feeling of what your body really has to tell you. In a way you are giving away your control, meanwhile exactly determining your limits - limits which I always will respect, even when I challeng you to see where your boundaries really are. Become aware of sensations beyond the known. Let yourself be surprised by new sensations. There is always more to discover.

• Connection
In my massage I connect me with you by opening myself and giving myself to you. I'm there totally for you. If you also surrender, there may be happening an energetic (not physical!) fusion of our beings; there will be nothing left between you and me. The ego is no longer relevant. What remains, is 'universal love'.
After the massage the connection will be ended. This form of massage will learn you what it is to connect and let go again: attach and detach. The difference between bonding and connecting is that you never possess the other: a new form of meeting the other.

• Healing
I meet you from my love and respect for you as a universal human being. The sensation to feel accepted totally as a human being, with all that you are and have, without any judgment, is a great gift for yourself. And has a healing effect.

• Revitalising
After the above, you can imagine how energetic and vital you may feel after a massage. You sparkle and will be able again to participate fully in life.

Will this be something for you?
A tantric massage is for anyone who needs an extra dose of energy, or has the wish to be touched deeply.
In addition, this massage is also meant for people who suffer from problems in the area of sexuality and intimacy - whether that's due to trauma (sexual abuse, incest, rape), illness, pregnancy or prolonged mourning.
In a massage you will be challenged to explore and experience your own body again. A tantra massage is also suitable to revitalize your sexuality.

Who am I?

Michael Polling is the new name of Kees Polling.
"Below I write how my life changed radically around 2000. That change was perpetuated and intensified early 2008. One way or another, the name 'Kees' increasingly stuck me. Kees was the name of the man I was before, but no longer the man I was in those times and the man I am today.
Late 2012, in a spiritual reading, I was asked about the meaning of my name. 'Kees' was old, they said. Why not the name 'Michael', suggested one of the spirits, who later became my guide. A few weeks later, every cell in my body said 'yes' to the name Michael. This new name reflects better where I am nowadays, and what I want to achieve in life.
In Spain, where I 'live' since the end of 2012, my name is Miguel (the Spanish translation of Michael). The name Miguel is also a tribute to a Colombian cousin of mine, an artist with whom I have always been very connected, but who was murdered in 1995 (see right below for a sample of his work).
But that is ahead of the facts. Prior to 2000 I worked as a journalist and music critic. Since the beginning of the new millennium, I focus more emphatically on more spiritual matters - especially tantra and awareness.
Early 2000 I started with Reiki - since 2005 I can call myself a Reiki master. Being freed of the symbols that are used in Reiki, and which have both positive and negative aspects, I do base my healing sessions nowadays on the universal love energy.
My first steps in tantra, started later in 2000. The fascination was so great that I kept taking workshop after workshop in the Netherlands and abroad. And I still do, when I get the opportunity to learn something new and important.
In 2007 I started a training for tantriki, according to the school of Tibetan Buddhism Kum-nye. Since 2008 I combined this intensive training with the Advanced tantra teachers-training 'The Fragrance Of The Lotus', given by the American Dawn Cartwright, a student of Margo Anand.
After having experience several of the meditations from 'The Book of Secrets' (the vision of Osho -formerly known as Baghwan- on ancient meditations, known as the 'Vigyan Bhairav Tantra'), I visited the 'Osho International Meditation Resort' in Pune, India, at the end of 2008. There I experienced several Osho meditations, and immersed myself deeper into the teachings of Osho. Inspired by David Brown (from the British ICASA Institute for 'surrogate partnership'), with whom I took a masterclass end of 2012, I started sacred sexual healing to help women with problems around intimacy and sexuality.

"My life consists of two parts. The first part... unconscious, focused on enjoying the 'good life'. The second part, which I am living now... aims to raise awareness and true love.
The break came in 2000. The reason was the suicide of my younger brother. The effect was a burn-out, the loss of my job, of my relationship - everything changed in a short time.
And then tantra came into my life. At first I started with tantra to deepen the relationship with a new girlfriend, not suspecting that there was so much more to tantra.
Tantra is not an easy path. I've fallen many times, but each time I got up and I've progressed.
What tantra has taught me most is that I, as a person, as a human being, am OK. My self-esteem and self-love have grown enormously. As a direct result, there is a radical change of interacting with the world. I'm more direct, more open, softer, with less ego and less judgment.
The tantric massages I gave, and the workshops I have led in recent years, have helped me develop that loving way further.
The most beautiful part of my 'job' is witnessing and watching people being capable to grow and break free of limits others have imposed on them. That happens to me both in private situations (such as a massage), as working with a group, seeing how a few successive exercises can make people gradually come into their (own) love.
After my trip to India in 2008, I fell under the spell of the wisdom of Osho. I will never be a 'sannyasin', if only because I do not like dogmas. I try to be open to everyone who can teach me something. Osho is just one of them.
Recently I have red the book 'Women Who Run With the Wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It is a book that not only every woman should read, but also every man - so much wisdom can be found herein."


growing   through connection

I started (groeien in verbinding -around the year 2005 with my partner. The main reason was our experience as participants in various tantra workshops and as compilers of our own programs for beginners.
As participants we experienced one tantra training as to therapeutic and too far removed from real tantra, and the other to limited by a dogmatic vision. Some were to firmly focused on sex and fun, while every actual connection was avoided.
What we later on noticed in our own workshops, was how we were able to initiate almost unnoticed processes of growth in participants. And all that in constant conection - both in our workshops and in the tantramassages we gave.
Nowadays I do this on my own (small groups or private sessions) or with an assistant (larger groups).

You could describe my mission as follows:
I want to let you grow,
bringing you in love
by raising your awareness
of all which prevents you from being
the person you really are;
to let you experience life
without the limitations of your ego,
so you can reconnect
with your own strenght,
surrendering to yourself and the other,
deeply connected
with ... everybody
and ... everything

One of the paintings of my Colombian cousin Miguel Polling Zimmermann, titled La Fiera (The Fury, 1987)

Calender 2016

In Spain
De-armoring private-intensive - two weeks-program for couples: m/f, m/m en f/f (max. one couple). Dates to be agreed upon

(Tantra)massage-intensive - two weeks-program for couples: m/f, m/m en f/f (max. one couple). Dates to be agreed upon

Ongoing together - or preferably on your own? - two weeks-program for couples: m/f, m/m en f/f (max. one couple). Dates to be agreed upon

private-tantraweek - min. one, max. two participants. Dates to be agreed upon - min. one, max. two persons

private-workshop: The Secrets of Tantric sex - 11-day-workshop for couples: m/f, m/m en f/f (max. one couple). Dates to be agreed upon

• Cashmir massage (€95)
Kum-nye tantrasession (tantra-yoga, massage, meditation) (€125)
Yoni-massage (+ €30; this massage will only be done as part of a regular tantrasession)

• for a massage after 17.00 hours, on holidays and in weekends, an additional €30 will be charged.
Other activities (inquire about the possibilities)
Love ritual (from €695/couple)
Yoni/lingam-healing (from €495)
• chat/e-mail-coaching/consult (from €20/half an hour chat/e-mail)
Terms and conditions
If possible, I will have a short intake (by telephone of Skype) with every participant of my workshops.
It is up to each participant to guard his/her own boundaries. It is my intention to provide in my workshops (and massages) a safe environment to recognise and explore those boundaries. Each exercise has its own limitations and I will see to it that participants don't cross those limitations.
During workshops, there will be no space for sexual intercourse.
For couples: If you prefer, you can do most exercises with your regular partner. Often, though, it will be better to work with other participants, because your partner is well known and safe to you and confirms only what you already know. Other participants are new, exciting, and challenge you to take unexpected steps. If you do not want to do an exercise with another participant, your partner also won't.
Canceling-policy - Workshops
When canceling the workshop/training at least six weeks before the start, you will get back your full payment (minus €75 administration costs). Between six and four weeks you will get 75% (minus €75 administration costs). Between four and two weeks the amount is 50%. After this, there will be no refund. When registering within two weeks of the workshop, cancellation is not possible and you will have to pay the full amount.
Also when terminating during the training, there will be no refund. In some cases it's possible that another person will take your place.
Canceling-policy Massages
If you cancel a session less than 24 hours before, the total amount is due and you'll be expected to make the payment asap. If you feel forced to postpone the appointment at the last minute, the full amount is due (please make the payment asap), but you will get a 50% discount for the next appointment.
To me spiritual growth is more important than money. I do not want to exclude the poor. Therefore: if my prices cause insurmountable problems, just let me know. Perhaps we can agree to make some other arrangements.

About my (private) workshops

How people have experienced me . . . in Spain

"We've both been through a intense process, individually and together. Meanwhile, we have started a new life, and this after so many years of marriage: very touching, satisfying and encouraging. These two weeks have given us much more than I was daring to hope or dream. I took the first steps towards self-acceptance, self-love, self-power, sexual power. Fortunately we had booked two weeks: the first week I needed to explore, feel and deal with intimate aspects of myself, which I I had denied, condemned or pushed away. The second week was to enable, deliver, experience and dedicate. This experience is a gift that we are still unpacking at home every day. And we expect the unpacking never stops, because the liberation that is put in motion by the tantric retreat, has many unexpected effects. Specially concerning our functioning as human beings in life." (Marjon) "Along with Marjon I arrived fully open and curious to learn whatever you had to offer. This journey has become the way for the rest of my life. Partly because of your control, sometimes with your adjustments when I refused to learn,I found out that I was more locked than I thought. Now I feel completely free in my sexual energy, my strength, so I can be myself more and more. It is DELICIOUS. I have also discovered the power of my voice, for having healed my throat chakra. For the first time in my life I know how to breathe well. I keep going through life singing." (Wilfried) "We look back at an intensive week. With pleasure and nostalgia we remember your beautiful place, where we met for a week of tantric experiences. Your initiative and courage to make this place possible, inspires us. All this, and the beautiful island, we carry in our hearts. (...) We can now deal with each other in a softer way. The-kum nye massage brings us energy, connection, relaxation and stillness. Jan: "For me I've learned to be less goal oriented and let it flow more, therefore it is easier to relax and feel the energy." Meera: "It is easier to let the energy from my heart flow to my sexuality, which makes it easier to open me to myself and to Jan." (Jan & Meera)

And in . . . my (private) workshops

"I was stunned when I realized what the difference was in a massage with the prana flowing and when not, and what this does to your lust. As you may know, I have 33 years of experience in massage and have learned about 14 types of massage in my life. None of these massages gave me the complete sense as what you have teached me. So simple, yet so effective. Even now (4 days later), I still feel the effects of this weekend." (Remke)

The remaining is still in Dutch

About my tantric massages

"You have touched me deeply, very deeply. That happened to me today at least 100 times. And I let it happen again and again.
I am deeply impressed. I feel like crying, but I can't, because the feelings go much further... maybe the tears will come later.
It is a recognition, a mirror, a coming home.... your devotion, your dedication, your undivided attention and unconditional love, your integrity, genuine respect. You followed me.... leaving my borders intact.
My body feels touched out of love, so pure, so moving. Touched with nothing in between. So much compassion in your touch. And you kept touching me, again and again. The feeling that I can really be. (... )
What you do is priceless. I feel so much gratitude. I also feel I just want to be touched countless times more. Your touches are so healing... finally, there come the tears...
Your masculinity - so indescribably beautiful. The way you are able to give all your love, passion, hot blooded as you described so beautifully.
There is so much trust and freedom in me.
Also feel so much love to what has happened.
You surprised me completely, what happened was my wildest dream, my dearest and greatest desire.
But above all your dedication was something I had not experienced with anyone previously, although I do recognize it in myself. (...)
It was a kind of pleasant shock, now slowly unravelling." (Maria)

"My body felt tonight as a powerplant.
Awakened, I felt the power, the energy.
I have no words...
Never before I have felt anything similar.
I feel in my body the enormous depth.

"As for the massage. Where to begin?
I think it is the first time I had any glimpse of what tantra is about. I finally understood being so much in the moment that boundaries, expectations, attachments and ego all fall away. I saw what it means to act from the soul and from universal love, and what that means when two people work together in this way. This is only the edge of it, the picture is still not clear to me, there is much more for me to see and understand.
(...) and stayed buzzing for days afterwards. Huge amount of energy from my feet up through to my hands. Never had that after a massage before.
Slept well for the first time in months and months as well.
I went back to Cologne last week for a massage there. I was bored. Climaxes alone are not enough when the mind, body, soul connection is not there. I am astonished at the reaction, as I would never have thought I would get bored!!! I was missing a bigger picture there, I only understood this in the last few days. Can't place words on it yet."(Sally)

The remaining is still in Dutch