Yoni massage

It is often said jokingly that men are only interested in fucking and women primarily in opening their hearts. This cliché has more truth than we think. Men give their (love)energy through their penises and receive energy through their hearts. Women give (love)energy through their hearts and receive this energy through their vagina. In this way a large circle of flowing is formed. This under ideal conditions. What almost never happens.

Unfortunately men often close their hearts during sex. And women close their sex - or vice versa. In my workshops I give men ways to open their hearts, and to women to open their sex. My massage primarily is about what the client 'needs'. This mean that it's not about what (s)he 'thinks' (s)he needs. Hence, the vajra or lingam (Sanskrit for male genitalia) often receive relatively little attention, while the yoni (Sanskrit for the female genitalia: vagina and vulva) some more. I use these words because they are less loaded with negativity than words like cock or dick, pussy or cunt, and less formal than penis and vagina. To me they are also very poetic.

Often the yoni, or rather the pelvic area, is blocked by what the woman has experienced in sexual matters. Also conditionings from past generations, taught by their parents, teachers, society, etc., and experiences in past lives, can play a role. That's why the yoni, outside and inside, frequently has many locks - therefore a good tantric massage (including the yoni) can be very healing. However, this does not happen a lot, because of the lack of courage and/or lack of self-esteem of women.

Considering these factors, I have developed a specific yoni massage, based in part on the yoni massage the German Michaele Riedl gives in her Wave Ananda center in Cologne, Germany. The results of her findings can be found in what has become a standard: "Yoni Massage - awakening female sexual energy" (Destiny Books; translation of "Entdecke die Quellen weiblicher Liebeslust: sinnlich - energetisch - spirituell (Ein Praxisbuch für Männer und Frauen)", Nietsch Verlag).

As in a tantric massage, the first objective of the yoni massage is healing. In the tissue of the yoni blockades are hold, which not only hinder your development as sexual being, but also the overall development of your womanhood.

In a yoni massage, these blocks are touched and softened. Partly because of the prana (vital life energy), that flows through the body; partly by your surrender to the touch, deeply connected with me as the facilitator. The direction remains constantly in your hands.
It is very important that you experience a yoni massage consciously. And that you know, that the causes of past and actual blockages have no real function (anymore). By letting go of these thoughts, the blocked energy can be transformed into positive (love)energy, and enables further self-healing. Also tThe healing aspects of a yoni massage may help you to further develop your sexuality.
A yoni massage is never about sex. The generated healing sexual energy is distributed throughout your body. As a result, you may learn that your sexuality is not confined to your genitals, but that your whole body plays a vital role. You will become aware of an extension of sensations, which may deepen your senses.

A yoni massage always will be given as part of a 'normal' tantric session (with meditation, tantra-yoga and massage); without this context, it will be very difficult to surrender to the healing sensation.
Depending on what you and I encounter during the body massage, the yoni massage lasts between half an hour and 45 minutes (sometimes up to an hour). Including the tantra session, the total can take up to four hours.
Every massage is completely tailored to your needs. Wishes, boundaries - before we start, everything will be agreed upon. Everything will happen in an atmosphere of respect and safety, allowing you to truly surrender to yourself in the moment.

Location: preferably a neutral place, or a room in your house (if we have to rent a room, the cost is for you).
Time: Allow approximately half a day; it is also important that you arrive have relaxed and will have no appointments or work to do after the massage.

Cost: € 245, excluding travel costs (€0,22/km and €40/hour travel).
Pre-payment is required.

For more information or to register, email or call at (34) 610 465 309.

Love ritual

Nasty and/or serious problems in your relationship? But with the will to find a solution? With the desire to do everything to save the relationship? The two of you together, with everybody involved? With me there, assisting you.

Maintaining a healthy relationship today is not easy.
There are so many demands placed on your femininity/masculinity.
You started your relationship in good spirits, full of love, but then came the moment when everything got less easy, less obvious. That was also the time to see your partner more critically, and it was harder to feel her/his love.
It may be that you yet were not satisfied anymore and wanted to find someone else to satisfy your needs. Maybe you did it hidden or in agreement with your partner.
Maybe you found a new lover - not instead of your partner, but as someone aside.
There is nothing against some more love, as long as you are sincere, and your partner is in agreement and can handle it.

Especially for those with a failing relationship, feeling how hard it is to keep the love flowing between yourself and your partner, I have developed a love ritual.
I prepared the ritual based on various forms of meditation and tantric exercises. You can do some of those alone, but most together, and even with the new lover (or lovers) present. You will work together in lovingly accept the new situation, in a way love can flow again; as it did in the beginning.

We start the ritual enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, while I give a brief explanation of the love ritual is about and how I will going to direct the ritual. There is almost no talking. Most exercises are about feeling, to feel your own and your mutual love-energy.
Some exercises will be naked; therefore it is important that you have no problems with nudity (in tantra 'beauty' is of little importance; far more important is that you treat yourself and your partner with love and respect, and let all your judgments go).

There are no guarantees. Everything depends of your commitment and attitude.

The love ritual is preceded by an intake with all people involved. The problems/complaints which are addressed in this intake, largely determine the course of the love ritual. This means I'll prepare this ritual especially for you.
Guarantees can not be given. Everything depends on your commitment and that of your partner(s).

What can the love ritual bring to you?
• A deeper sense of love and intimacy, alone and with your partner;
• Increased mutual connection;
• Increased awareness and acceptance of how your partner really is;
• Letting go more easily of expectations;
• Opening up to what your partner really has to offer;
• Awareness of the role total surrender to love can have in your relationship;
and more...

Location: preferably a neutral space in your home or your partner's (if we have to rent a space, the cost will be for you).

When: Depending on your query
Time: six to eight hours

Costs: €695,- (for a couple; each additional person cost €195),excluding travel costs (€0,22 / €40/hour mile travel time).
The intake will cost you €200 excluding travel costs). If you decide to do the ritual, you get a discount of €100 of the total.
In exceptional cases, the intake can lead to the recommendation to dedicate a whole weekend (two days) to the love ritual. In that case the basic fee is €1295 (for a couple; each additional person costs €295.
Pre-payment is required.

For more information or to register, write me an e-mail or call me at (31) 6-49992778 or (34) 618 285 012.

Yoni and lingam healing

In the course of history men have treated women violently. Women were abused and raped. They did not know better, were urged by their environment, social and religious norms. But that does not take away their debt towards women. Neither the blame to themselves, because by treating women unlovingly, they abused and raped themselves.
Not all the blame lies with the man. It also falls to women. Women have let this happen and let it still happening - in the western (so called civilized) world and in countries of the Third World. In addition, women have also abused men. Not so much sexually, but on many other fronts. They penetrate from the heart, which in extreme cases is experienced by men as a violation of the heart.
Who ultimately is to blame, or which of the two is more to blame - in the end, that's not important.
It is important this debt is healed, that the yoni and lingam, the male and female sexual organs, which have been affected after so many years of violence, may be healed. And that men and women overcome the systematic oppression and malformation of their sexual being. And so the entire pelvic area, where the power source of their vital and sexual energy resides.
This ritual healing is mostly meant for couples. If necessary, I can act as a surrogate partner for who want and need to do this healing ritual urgently. This means I will be doing the healing part. Since this healing is significantly related to the pelvic region and sex organs, intimate events will take place. But this healing, nor the couples-ritual, will never lead to sex.
We start every healing ritual with a love-meditation. Then, depending on your wishes, the order in which the healing is done, will be decided. It is your partner, who, after hearing instructions and detailed guidance, performs the actual healing. If necessary under my direction..
Since the healing is predominantly related to the genital organs, there will be performed intimate actions. But it will never lead to sex - it remains a sacred ritual.

Location: preferably in a neutral space in your home or in your partners home (if there is a space to be rented, the cost will be for you).

Time: 3 to 4 hours per person - lunch, snacks and drinks included.

Cost: €495 (single) and €795 (couple), excluding travel costs (€0,22/km and €40/hour travel time).
Pre-payment is required.

For more information or to register, write me an e-mail or call me at (34) 610 465 309.