Rates of sacred sexual healing

Intensive of 8 days €1895
Intensive of 15 days €2995
Prolongation of one week (if posible) €1395
Follow-up (one week) €1495
Intake (Skype; max. ±2½ hour €  200
Previous Skypesession €    50 /uur
Presence partner €  795 /week

Included in these prices are the transfers to and from the airport, accommodation, food and drinks. Not included is your flight.
In all cases, the use of the first and last day depends on the time of arrival and departure.
When booking, you must make a deposit of one quarter of the amount owing to the bank account number see contact). The Skype sessions must be paid in advance, but will be deducted from the total amount if you finally decide on an 15 day-intensive, and half, if you decide to do an 8 day-intensive.

Cancellation policies
If canceled more than four weeks before the intensive, one-quarter of the deposit will be deducted as administrative burden. If canceled between two and four weeks before the intensive, you will get one-quarter of your deposit back. Canceling within two weeks before the intensive, means the whole deposit won't be returned. These cancellation fees also apply in cases of force majeure, but with the latter you may get a 50 % discount on the new reservation.
Spiritual growth, to me, is more important than money. I don't want to exclude poor people. Therefore, if my rates cause insurmountable problems, let me know. Perhaps we can settle something.